Annual Events in Northern Virginia

Annual events in Northern Virginia

Annual Events in Northern Virginia


Annual events in Northern Virginia are in plenty, bringing unmatched fun in the form of fairs or parades to this side of Washington DC. It does not matter if you are in search of an adult kind of escape, family-friendly festivals, culinary events, historical reenactments or any other kind of festival; Northern Virginia has got you covered. From the beginning to the end of any given year, this beautiful place always has something cooking in their events ‘cooking pot’. All you have to do is serve what you love best and go with the flow to where the magic takes you!


Let’s get started with the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival. This right here is among the most celebrated annual festivals in Northern Virginia. Featuring more than 30 events, be prepared to have the time of your life every April and May! It is only natural for such a festival to draw unbelievably large crowds and lots of regional artists and local celebrities. Get to enjoy live bands, dances, carnivals, a circus, and even a 10-km race. There are thousands of vendors to get anything you need from. The highlight of the event is the world’s hugest firefighter’s parade.


All cooking and gardening lovers are welcomed to the Virginia Herb Festival. This event happens every second week of June. It features North Virginia’s biggest and finest herbal workshop. Interestingly, you can get to indulge in the most generous beer and wine tasting experience of your life. Enjoy live outdoor music as you get to learn all the useful benefits of various herbs.


How about some historical reenactment during the Civil War Weekend? Shenandoah Valley has an important historical role in the Civil War. It is remembered through several events in Northern Virginia including the Civil War Weekend. Get to learn everything about how this area was involved in the war through some live historical demonstrations.


Yet another favorite; the Shenandoah Valley Taste-fest. Ask any Northern Virginian, and they’ll tell you just how much this event is kind of a big deal! Get to enjoy numerous cooking demonstrations as you sample different garlic and tomato recipes. This event features so many vendors ready to wow you with the finest of garden produce and products. It is also the perfect time to go kitchenware shopping. Better yet, get a special gift for that one garden lover you know from here and be sure to melt their hearts away.