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Toothpaste & mouthwash

Biofilm Innovations EXXCL Oral Blue toothpaste and mouthwash are an effective solution for bleeding gums, gingivitis & periodontitis.

The team at Biofilm Innovations was searching for a digital marketing company that could both design a new website as well as provide digital marketing services to increase online sales of their unique toothpaste and mouthwash.


Their new website features an online store for consumers, as well as a restricted bulk-pricing section for dental professionals only. Additionally, there is a wealth of information on gum disease, bleeding gums, gingivitis, biofilms and more. We also implemented a dentist-finder feature, FAQ section and glossary of dental terminology. We loved working with the team at Biofilm Innovations and continue to support them in a number of ways including, but not limited to, managing their Google Ads and their digital marketing.

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When we began the search for a web designer, out first requirement was that the company be local. Johnny Flash was among the first few that we selected for consideration. After our initial contact, we very much appreciated their willingness to meet us face-to-face. Their beautifully-prepared proposal was a good indication of what our website would look like when completed. It was obvious during our meeting that they were extremely well-qualified, technically, that they completely understood our needs and goals, and that they were okay with the fact that we would need some hand-holding during the process.


The project schedule poster outlining the tasks and scheduled completion dates, along with our weekly telephone updates, were quite helpful in keeping us focused and fairly well on-track. They were readily available and responsive throughout the process. Being very detail-oriented and looking at our site from a new perspective, they found our occasional errors and omissions.


They have given us a website of which we can be proud and which has received rave reviews from those who have visited it. We value Johnny Flash Productions as a marketing partner as we continue to grow our business, and we will be more than happy to act as a reference for future clients!

Pat Gallagher

Vice President, Biofilm Innovations



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