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MD Prayer contacted us about building a new website for them.  Their previous website had been built by a volunteer and it was outdated in look and function and they struggled to keep it updated.  The leaders of MD Prayer wanted to launch a new website well in advance of their annual conference so they could boost their attendance at this year’s event. We built a responsive website for them that contained more visuals and captured the essence of the ministry they do.  They had record attendance at this year’s event with the majority signing up ahead of time online instead of at the door. This is what they had to say when we completed the project:

“When we all get a little too busy, sometimes we forget to say a heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ I am so grateful that God led us to partner with you. I know good things will come from our hard work done together in His name. The website is terrific. Pure and simple. Thanks for your expertise, guidance and always friendly attitude.”

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