Hire a Rockstar Kit – Web & Graphic Designer


Do you need to hire a rockstar overseas but are intimidated about posting a job, creating a trial project and interviewing candidates? No worries, we’ve created the done for you toolkit.

This is how we hire rockstar Web & Graphic Designer from the Philippines. Just follow our simple 6 step proven process. This kit has everything you need to hire an overseas worker directly yourself and not break a sweat. Resources included:


  • Hiring Overseas Virtual Workers Process (DOCX)
  • Web & Graphic Designer Job Description (DOCX)
  • Initial Email Follow-up (TXT)
  • Job Application (Gravity Forms JSON Import file)
  • Job Application (DOCX)
  • Web & Graphic Designer Trial Project (DOCX)
  • Web & Graphic Designer Trial Email (TXT)
  • Email for Payment for Trial Project (TXT)
  • Email for Scheduling Video Interview (TXT)
  • Sample Offer Letter (DOCX)

All digital files are available immediately upon purchase.

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know how we can help.