Small business owners are often uneducated when it comes to logo designs and their role and importance in the operation of their business. In this guide about small business logo design we will answer common questions, look at small business logo design pitfalls, talk about how to find a logo design company and how to promote your new small business logo design.

This is part two of an article called, "Before You Sign on the Dotted Line of a Web Design Contract," read part one here. These are more things to ask before you sign your web design contract.


easy on the eyes, effortless on the mind and painless for the mouse pointer. There’s nothing more annoying to visitors than a busy and confusing website. They are unattractive and it leaves visitors with the feeling that even the creators of the website couldn’t decide what was important because they included everything! Let simplicity be your guide when making decisions. The Apple brand and website are great examples of simplicity in design.

Have you ever started a graphic design project for a client before you had all the details and agreed on all the terms? Unfortunately, you're not alone. One of the biggest mistakes made by designers is starting on the design before being completely informed. Before you start your next project without all of the information, consider these four graphic design essentials:

Website validation is one of the hidden secrets of effective web design. Even though validation has been around for a long time and readily available, it is under utilized. Part of the reason is that when you start to design your creative website, the last thing on your mind is: does my site validate? Somewhere along the way of designing graphics, layout and content, we said, "goodbye" to HTML standards and "hello" to whatever looks good in our web browser. So before we go any further, let's make sure we understand what validation is.

When it comes down to the best logos, they all share one thing in common: logo simplicity. Logo simplicity usually results in a one-color simple design that is easily readable, reproducible and scalable. Learn how to make Creative & Effective Logo Designs if you haven't already. Here we are going to focus on making simple logo designs that will compete with the best branded companies.

Your logo, letterhead, business cards and marketing. They all represent you and your business. Appropriately designed by one of the best logo design firms, they will communicate to your customers that your company is reputable, reliable, and professional. Your company image depends on a quality logo design that is unique and memorable. Your logo is the foundation of your brand.