1. Branding Discovery

We have a branding discovery session to learn more about your identity, your target audience and the brand message you are trying to communicate. We dig deep to understand your organization and brand personality. During the process, we ask a lot of questions to help think about your business from all directions.

2. Research & Conceptualization

Once we have all the information from discovery, we do in-depth research on your business and industry and begin to conceptualize logo concepts. We sketch many ideas and possibilities to get the creative juices flowing and then do an internal review to decide which ones have the most potential.

3. Digital Renderings

We render the best concepts digitally on the computer to present them and give you the opportunity to review them. Initially put them all in the same color scheme so you can focus on the fonts and symbols rather than your favorite color.

4. Revisions

After we receive feedback from you on the digital renderings, we begin to revise the logo concepts. We work tirelessly to ensure that the logo accurately reflects your brand, will connect with your audience and be something that you can get excited about.

5. Color Selection Process

Once the logo symbol and typography are finalized we will move into our color selection process. We check colors on a variety of mediums including digital devices, print and color matching systems. Using the Pantone Color System to definitely identify the best color swatches for your brand.

6. Commissioning of the Logo

We will provide your new logo in a variety of digital formats so you can use it effectively on your website, social media accounts, print and digital applications.

7. Brand Style Guide & Components

We create a brand style guide that provides guidance on how to use the logo, brand and color scheme. We also mock-up concepts for each print collateral and branding component. The final branding files are delivered and can be optionally printed from our wholesale printing partner.

8. Brand Management

If you’d like to have on-going graphic design, digital marketing or brand management services, we help you continually stand out from the crowd. We can also partner with you to provide fresh content on your relevant social media channels. We have brand marketing plans that keep your existing customers engaged and a fresh stream of new customers coming to you.

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