Johnny Flash Marketing Engine

it's time to maximize your company's impact.

The Johnny Flash Marketing Engine

The complete solution to propel and position your business as an authority and dominate competition.

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How we do it

  • Maximize online impact
  • Build trust and increase exposure
  • Increase engagement and drive sales

Our client love us!

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Our complete system

The Johnny Flash Marketing Engine is a comprehensive marketing package that includes strategy, action, and refinement. We follow a process to ensure your marketing covers all bases and customize every step along the way to maximize results. This system is designed to create a digital marketing tidal wave that will take any business to the next level

FAQs about marketing engine

What does marketing engine include?

It includes website revisions, SEO, Google Ads, Google My Business optimisations, content strategy and creation, database marketing, practice resources, email marketing, CRO, and review funnels. It’s a truly comprehensive program that is designed to maximised your ROI.

What’s the timeline for marketing engine?

Our 12-month roadmap typically looks like this; however it is highly customise to the needs of each client:

  • Month 1-5: Setup of all assets, revise website and commence search marketing.
  • Month 6-11: Marketing activities and enhancement and ongoing professional development.
  • Month 12: Complete campaign review and offer ongoing recommendations.

I don’t have a website; can you create one for me?

Yes! We have an in-house website design team of designers, developers, project managers, and content writers. A website project is separate to the marketing activities carried out in marketing engine.

Do you work with practices that have multiple locations?

Yes! We love to work with multi-location healthcare clinics and have experience working with practices of all sizes. We have a range of tools and strategies designed especially for clients with multiple locations —ask about our healthcare network strategy!

How our marketing engine different from just search marketing?

It incorporates a wide range of marketing activities beyond search marketing; however, search marketing remains the main form of traffic generation. In addition to more traffic, you’ll be supported to maximised your practice in all areas, not just online. Learn more.