Oak Hill Building

Oak Hill Building

Home remodeling contractor northern virginia

Oak Hill Building is an award-winning renovation, remodeling and building company that has been serving Northern Virginia for over 40  years.

Oak Hill Building was referred to us by a friend. They had some mixed-experiences with other web-design and development companies, and were on the search for a team that could really highlight the quality of their work.


We designed a website for them that features their stunning work, separated into multiple galleries dependent upon project-type. The site was built with SEO in mind, so that their pages are optimized and contain relevant content related to each category, designed to help them rank better for the keywords that they care about most.


Additionally, we created a "Service Areas" section to help them acquire more leads for particular areas of town. This, combined with their service offerings, creates myriad sub-pages for inbound leads. The site uses a dynamic and easy-to-maintain framework, so that changes can be made in one place and is then automatically pushed out to all related pages containing that content.


After launching the site, we began running Google Ads for them and we are seeing great results. They report having so many new leads that they have to work diligently to keep up with all of them!

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Johnny Flash Productions built our home-remodeling company's website, and the experience with them was nothing short of excellent. John and his team are extremely professional, responsive and efficient with what they do.


Their process is clear and they stick to it every step of the way. The weekly production meetings were very helpful and kept the project moving forward at record-speed.


My favorite part about working with Johnny Flash Productions is that John and his team truly care about their work and they were unwilling to settle on anything less than perfect. On multiple occasions we heard, 'this can be better' and , ' we need more here.' One week into owning our new site and we know that it's going to quickly pay for itself. We have already had a significant influx of home-remodeling leads and they are far more qualified! We highly recommend Johnny Flash Productions!

Nick Vitale

Project Manager, Oak Hill Building



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