Famous People from Fairfax, VA

Famous People from Fairfax, VA


Famous People from Fairfax, VAThe amazing city of Fairfax, VA is blessed with an endless list of notable people that have influenced the world in one way or another. From gospel artists to secular artists, entrepreneurs to philanthropists, historians to geographers, actors to actresses and scholars to professors, the list goes on and on and Fairfax residents are allowed to be proud of being associated with these figures. Here’s a small list of famous people from Fairfax, VA:


TobyMac. Born on 22nd October 1964, meet TobyMac, the amazing Christian rapper. He is considered a pioneer of Christian rap. Before rising to fame, he together with Michael Tait formed the band ‘DC Talk’ back in 1987. Later, they co-wrote ‘Let’s Roll’ a song that talked about the September 11, 2001, attacks. The band was soon to rise to stardom and in 2009 he received a Grammy Award for his fantastic album ‘Alive and Transported’. ‘Portable Sounds’, his 2007 album sold close to 60,000 copies in the first week only! It also hit the top position on the SoundScan Contemporary Christian Overall Chart. This same album received the Grammy Award nomination for ‘Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album’. He is married to Amanda Levy McKeehan and together they have five kids.


Kayla Rae Raid. Kayla is a supermodel who was born in Fairfax, VA on 5th July 1991. In July 2015, she appeared as Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the month. She has also worked as a Monster Girl doing in-person promotions for the energy drink company ‘Monster’. When she moved to California’s Palm Springs at the age of 10, her dream was to pursue cheerleading professionally, until she decided to switch to modeling. She has a huge number of followers on social media, especially Instagram. She is married to Ryan Lochte and together they have two children.


Brian Kendrick. This professional WWE wrestler was born in Fairfax on 29th May 1979. During his time, he had a successful career in which he held many titles including the World Tag Team Champion. In 2003, Pro Wrestling ranked him one of the top 50 single wrestlers. Before rising to fame, he worked as a dishwasher, where he managed to save up enough money to get him into wrestling school.


Serena Deeb. The 33-year-old Fairfax-born professional wrestler performed for Ohio Valley Wrestling and WWE where for the former she won numerous titles including ‘Women’s Champion’ six times! Ever since she was 11, she grew up loving wrestling; it is no wonder that she ended up a wrestler herself.