Famous People from Northern Virginia

Famous People from Northern Virginia


Famous People from Northern VirginiaIf you are from Northern Virginia, just like the region’s numerous landmarks, it is highly likely that you won’t even realize the number of celebrities that live near you in such close proximity. From former sportspeople, amazing leaders, actors, singers, philanthropists, and so many others, From former sportspeople, amazing leaders, actors, singers, philanthropists, & so many others, famous people from Northern Virginia are not in short supply. There are many famous celebrities whose names you can just drop in conversations randomly just for people to know that you love your hometown and that you particularly love the fact that you happen to share it with one or two celebrities.


Sandra Bullock

Sandra was born in Arlington County, Northern Virginia in 1964. She spent most of her early life residing in Germany with her parents. She returned to study in Arlington’s Washington Lee high school where she graduated in 1982. she then went to Est California University and completed her studies in 1987 after which she went to New York to pursue her career as an actress. She rose to fame in 1994 given her lead role in ‘Speed’, a hit movie. In 2010, she won her very first academy award for her outstanding acting in ‘The Blind Side’.


Colin Powell

Colin was the first African-American to serve as Secretary of State in the history of American politics.  He served in this position from 2001 to 2005 under the leadership of President George W. Bush. He currently lives in McLean, Northern Virginia. He performed exceptionally in all the positions that he held, and he never really got influenced by evil and corrupt politicians to join their ways. He was all about service delivery to the public.


Katie Couric

Katie was born and raised in Arlington County in Northern Virginia. She studied in Jamestown Elementary, Williamsburg middle school and later Yorktown high school where she was a notable cheerleader. She attended the University of Virginia and then headed out to work for various broadcast outlets all over DC. In 1991, she joined the ‘Today’ show as a co-host. Currently, she works for ABC/ Yahoo News and still contributes to ‘Good Morning America’ once in a while.


Ted Leonsis

Meet Ted; the owner of NHL’s team, Washington Capitals. It is no wonder that he chose to settle in Northern Virginia, given the fairly close proximity to the DC area. The Capitals have a wide local as well as national fanbase, which makes him both a local and national celebrity. He currently resides in McLean.