5 Most Important Things to Include in a Home Healthcare Website

While anyone can create a website, designing an effective home healthcare website requires certain ingredients. And if you’re missing any component, the “recipe” just isn’t going to come together. And that can dramatically impact your ability to attract visitors – and eventually – customers.

That’s why we’ll be drawing your attention to 5 things your new healthcare website absolutely must have if it’s to be poised for success, including:

  1. Speaking directly to your audience
  2. Making your next steps or CTA clear
  3. Using authority-building content
  4. Providing informative content
  5. Creating location-specific, SEO-optimized content

Let’s get started.


1. Speak to Your Audience

No matter what type of website you run, it’s vital that you speak directly to your audience. To do otherwise is to generalize or ignore their needs, and that’s definitely not how you attract prospects.

One of the best ways to hone in on your audience and speak to them directly is to use a StoryBrand framework to clearly state what you’re offering, how your services make your clients’ lives better, and what they have to do to get started. Now, a StoryBrand is a framework that was created by Donald Miller in his book, Building a Story Brand that helps companies hone in on their key message or selling point so that any marketing materials you produce will appeal to their intended audience.

What does this mean in layman’s speech, however? It simply means your website copy needs to be benefit-focused, not feature-focused. So, instead of highlighting the services or features your home healthcare website offers, instead emphasize how people will benefit from utilizing your services.

The homepage for Care with Love, an in-home care services company, offers a great example of this benefit focus:

storybrand - care with love

The Care with Love website features a great example of a StoryBrand in action.

This company provides “peace of mind” to families – an invaluable benefit.

2. Clearly Articulate Next Steps

Your home healthcare website also needs to make abundantly clear what the next steps are for moving forward with your services. This is where you spell out the process of what it’s like working with you. One thing you have to remember is that while you do this every day, most people have not had to source home health services before, so set their expectations and educate them on the process immediately after relaying the benefits of your services.

This is typically achieved by means of clear calls to action. A quick glance at the homepage for Virginia Home Care Services, Inc shows several CTAs displayed prominently:

virginia home care - cta

The website for Virginia Home Care Services, Inc features a prominent CTA.

As you can see, there’s a purple button in the header for scheduling a free assessment. This same button appears across the hero image. Scrolling down, this CTA appears again in a mid-page banner.

virginia home care - additional cta

Virginia Home Care Services, Inc makes it abundantly easy to get in touch.

3. Authority Building Content

Your next priority when building a home health website is to flesh out a decent amount of content that’s designed to build authority for your brand. We’re not talking about blog posts here – though that’s important too and we’ll touch on that in a moment. Authority-building content refers to things that clearly communicate what makes your company different and what specific qualifications you’re bringing to the table.

A few things that fall under this content category include:

  • Testimonials
  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Training required of team members

Though not a home health website, the website for the Family Allergy Center offers an excellent example of content that builds authority. They feature a testimonials slider prominently on their homepage just above the footer:

family allergy center - testimonials

The Family Allergy Center makes excellent use of testimonials.

Adding this sort of content helps to provide a layer of credibility to your service listing and proposed benefits.

4. Offer Educational and Informative Content

Now here’s where the power of blogging consistently comes into play. Publishing regular blog posts or articles not only helps your potential customers but also provides great SEO content for people searching for information related to home health services. It can also expand your brand’s reach and grow your business.

The Care with Love website once again offers a great example of this. In their blog section, you can find informative posts relating to home health care services, specifically, as well as the lives of senior citizens.

care with love - blog

The Care with Love website offers a blog to educate and inform visitors about home health and senior living.

This content is SEO-optimized but also provides real information that the families of those requiring home health care services could use.

5. City or Town Location-Based SEO Pages

If you only offer services in certain areas, states, or towns, then it’s a good idea to have a page for each one to help improve your SEO. The website for Oak Hill Building & Remodeling offers a great example of this. Its service area page lists out each of the locations it serves:

location based seo - oakhill

Oak Hill Building & Remodeling provides location-specific content for SEO and visitors.

Then when you click through to one of these locations, you’re taken to a page dedicated to that town, filled with custom info related to the area that’s optimized for both humans and SEO.

location based seo - ashburn

An example of a specific city page on the Oak Hill website.

And that really is the key here: striking a balance between content optimized for the Google search algorithm and actual human beings. Thankfully, Oak Hill does a good job of maintaining this balance.

BONUS TIP: Optimize Your Google Business Profile

One last thing! It’s really important to have your Google Business Profile completely filled out. This listing is often what helps prospects form their initial opinion about your company – before they even visit your website.

But a complete profile isn’t enough: it needs to have a number of reviews on it, too. This will boost your website dramatically and help you appear in more local Google searches. See our article: How to 10x Your Online Reviews (and Why You Should) to learn some tips and tricks for increasing the number of reviews you receive on Google Business.


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