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Homeless Mission Trips

99for1strive to inspire people to think beyond themselves, engaging in acts of servant leadership which is desperately needed in today’s world.

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99 for 1 contacted us about designing their website. They needed an updated website with a clean, modern look and feel, but also something that would be inviting and draw people into learning the story of Pastor Will Cravens and his journey in “leaving the safety of the 99, in search of 1.” In addition to learning their story, the site needed to make it easy for the team to continue their advocacy, inspiring people to think beyond themselves. The new website features clear calls to action to help get people involved, while keeping the website easy to navigate and understand.


The site also boasts a comprehensive content management system on the back end of the that makes it easy for the team to manage their events, shop, and promote their community advocacy, and has updated marketing tools to reach more people. You can easily view their upcoming trips, training, and listen to their podcast.


It’s been a wonderful experience to work with 99 for 1, to witness them help so many people, and make an impact on others' lives.

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Great company to work with! Highly recommend. Very communicative. Extremely pleased with our websites.

Will Cravens

Founder and Director, 99 for 1

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