The Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair

The Presbyterian Church

Upper Montclair, NJ

PCUM is a vibrant suburban congregation located near Newark, New Jersey, with 500 adults and 200 children. Centered on Christ, they worship with anticipation, nurture faith, and extend compassion to the world, embodying their commitment to spreading God's love and grace.

The Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair (PCUM) reached out to us to design a new website that effectively highlights their ministries, mission, values, and community engagement. We wanted to give them a modern and user-friendly platform that reflects their core principles and commitment to the community. Our goal is to design a website that not only showcases PCUM's mission and values but also fosters a sense of connection and inclusivity among its members and visitors.


The new site boasts features such as a worship page where visitors can easily watch sermons, engaging content on upcoming events, and opportunities for active involvement, all designed to effectively encourage participation from children and youth in the community. Additionally, the site offers resources for learning about PCUM's mission and values, fostering a sense of connection and inclusivity among members and visitors alike.


It's been a privilege to work with PCUM on creating their new website. Collaborating with their team to showcase their mission and values has been inspiring. We look forward to seeing how this online platform will strengthen their community engagement and outreach efforts.


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