Retina Wellness and Surgery

Retina Wellness and Surgery

Ophthalmology Clinic in Harrisonburg, VA

Retina Wellness and Surgery takes a holistic approach to patient care taking into account patients’ fear of going blind, or the inability to read or drive.

Retina Wellness and Surgery reached out to build a website for their practice. Their practice utilizes the latest procedures to achieve the most effective treatment outcomes for retinal and vitreous conditions. They needed a website to reach a wider audience and a marketing strategy to attract new clients. Our goal was to build them a site that would strengthen their brand and increase their credibility through an online presence. 


The result is a clean, modern, and professional-looking website that highlights its services, and accomplishments. It makes it easy to get directions to their location and connect to their Patient Portal. 


We are grateful to work with Retina Wellness and we are excited to see the success of their new practice.

Group 2-2

If there were more than 5 stars, I would give it. Johnny Flash went above and beyond the project. John was extremely detail-oriented during our initial and subsequent meeting. He listened to our needs and gave us a lot of good suggestions to make our website even better than what we envisioned. Nicole DeLoi, the project manager, helped made the website happen and on time. She's not only a project manager but she's our designer as well giving us a lot of excellent recommendations. We couldn't praise enough to Nicole. She made sure every single detail we wanted was accomplished. They are always prompt in responding to our requests after production. The support afterwards is just as excellent as production.

Dr. David Pan, M.D

CEO, Retina Wellness


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