How to Increase Sales in Your Online Store

No matter what type of online store you run, you’re probably wondering how you can increase sales in your online store. After all, an increase in sales means more profit for your business and that’s the ultimate goal of every shop and business owner.

The good news is that increasing sales in your online store is not as difficult as it seems. In today’s post, we’ll share nine practical tips that you can implement to see more conversions and more sales in your online store.

1. Offer Products on Subscription

One of the easiest ways to increase sales in your online store is to create repeat sales of the same product. Subscription products are delivered to your buyers on a predetermined time interval which means they are guaranteed to make a purchase and get the product without having to return to your online store. Amazon does this with their Subscribe & Save program.

We are also in the process of re-designing a coffee roaster website that is going to offer their coffee delivered on subscription.

2. Use Pictures of Actual Products to Improve Sales

Your online store should include pictures of your actual products beyond the product pages. A creative way to do this is to implement photos of your products in your page header area, create a gallery page that showcases products in use, and use images on product category pages.

Our client Brown Bag has a photo of just about every one of their food items. This makes it much more compelling for their customers to buy in their app and on their website.

3. Simplify Checkout Sequence by Using a One-click Checkout

A long and complicated checkout process is one of the main reasons why people abandon their cart. An abandoned cart costs you sales so don’t let that happen to you. Amazon is known for making it easy to buy things online. Their checkout process is straightforward and you can easily see where you are at each stage of the buying journey.

You can achieve the same thing by implementing a progress bar or reducing your checkout to one page.

4. Provide a Way for Gift Purchases

Provide a way for people to make purchases as gifts, where they can include a note and have it delivered to someone else.

In some cases, online buyers aren’t making a purchase for themselves but for their loved one, a friend or a family member. The hassle with this is that they still have to buy the card, wrap the item, and then deliver it to the recipient.

By providing the option to make a gift purchase, you’re eliminating practically all the work on their part and simplifying the entire process which helps create trust and makes your store a logical choice.

9 ways to increase sales in your online store - Be Clear About Delivery Time

5. Be Clear About Delivery Timeline

Customers want to know when they can expect to receive their items. The more detail you can provide the better. This is yet another area where Amazon excels as they let you know the estimated delivery date during the checkout process. There are several WooCommerce plugins that can help you add this functionality to your store as well as ways to implement it without the use of a plugin.

6. Have a Reputation for Answering Questions

Oftentimes, customers are interested in making a purchase but they have a few questions before they complete their checkout process. That’s why it pays to have a FAQ page with answers to most commonly answered questions or an easy way for a customer to reach you and get those questions answered.

Using a live chat plugin or even adding Facebook messenger to your site can be an excellent way for customers to get in touch with you with any questions they might have. A contact form or a dedicated phone line are good options as well.

For example, one of our clients has built a reputation for answering customer questions. You call and talk to someone, you can email in questions, and more. This has created raving fans who keep coming back and buy again and again from them.

7. Feature Customer Solutions on your Site

You probably know that customer testimonials and product reviews can go a long way towards building trust and assuring potential clients that your product is quality purchase. However, reviews and testimonials are not the only way to build trust.

You can boost sales in your online store by showing how other customers have used your products. Not only does this speak to the quality of your products but it also allows potential buyers to see how they can use the product in their life.

Increase sales in your online store by featuring customer solutions

Our client, Niles Bottle Stoppers, features customer solutions and creative use of their products in their gallery online. They have the largest gallery of bottle stoppers online, so people arrive there for ideas and then end up purchasing from them.

8. Do Social Media Marketing

Another way to increase sales in your online store is take advantage of social media marketing. Feature products, customer reviews, and creative ways for people to use your products on your social media feeds.

Through your social media marketing you can generate interest for your products, not to mention platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and even Facebook makes it easy to buy the products right in your social media feeds. On top of that, you can also answer any questions your followers might have about your products.

9. Email Marketing

Email is still one of the best ways to market. You can stay in contact with past customers and also engage potential customers via regular email. Consider adding a newsletter optin form to your website and offering a discount or coupon code for their next purchase. This makes it easy for customers who are in research mode to sign up for your newsletter and learn more about you before they make the decision to buy your products.

We designed and sent out an email for one of our clients earlier this week with a 10% coupon code and it immediately generated $3000 in sales in 1 day! Don’t underestimate email.

Increase sales in your online store – what’s next?

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