6 Effective Church Logo Designs

6 Effective Church Logo Designs

Have you ever searched for the best church logo designs? In many cases these are examples of some of the best and worst logo designs in existence. Does your church have a logo design? Does your church need a logo design?

Reflect on these questions as we highlight some of the most effective church logo designs. You’ll notice that all of these church logo designs follow the six logo design principles.

Elevation Church Logo Design

Elevation Church located in the Charlotte, NC area is led by senior pastor Steven Furtick. Their logo is a simple orange circle with an arrow pointing up. They brand their church heavily and consistently.

Fairfax Community Church Logo Design

Fairfax Community Church (FCC) in Fairfax, VA is led by senior pastor Rod Stafford. FCC’s church logo design displays a circle with a cross that has a letter “F” flare to it. The symbol reproduces well at all sizes. The church uses it on everything they can to brand their identity and logo.

Grace Baptist Church Logo Design

Grace Baptist Church has a creative and artistic logo that catches your attention and draws you in.

LifeChurch.tv Logo Design

LifeChurch.tv uses its initials to form its logo. They do a great job of branding their online presence and experience through the use of their name and logo.

Providence Presbyterian Church Logo Design

Providence Presbyterian Church recently updated their logo to better reflect their motto of “where life and faith connect.” The combination of the cross and leaf help connect these two themes in an attractive way.

The Foundry Logo Design

The Foundry uses two simple circles to visually show the pouring out.  It’s a simple, yet effective use of geometric shapes.

Church Logo Design Summary

Interestingly enough, out of these six church logo designs, only two have a Christian symbol in the logo (a cross). Three use circles, one uses a rounded shape, and two use other shapes. The color of the typography of these church logo designs are mostly white or black and they all have two different font sizes.

Now that we’ve looked at effective church logo designs, here are additional resources that you might find useful:

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