Google Analytics – Five Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Have a Website Without It

Most web hosts offer free basic statistics for your web traffic. However, if you’re relying on these primitive tools thrown in as a bonus to your hosting, you’re going to miss out on a gold mine of information. Below are the five most compelling reasons you should use Google Analytics to monitor and measure your website traffic.

Reasons to Use Google Analytics

Reason #1: Comparing Date Ranges

With Google Analytics you can compare date ranges with a graph overlay feature that allows you to easily compare recent activity to the past. This visualization instantly charts the data in an informative way. After you see this feature, you’ll be hooked!

Reason #2: Site Overlay

Site Overlay allows you to see your website with indicators next to every link that display how many times the each link has been clicked on. This allows you to constantly improve your content, design and page layout to optimize the experience for your visitors. Now you can track exactly where visitors go on your website each step of the way.

Reason #3: Automatically Email Reports

Google Analytics is loaded with reports you can run on your website. You can even have your favorite reports emailed to you automatically at the frequency of your choice. This saves you from constantly logging into Google Analytics to check your stats or send them to your management team.

Reason #4: Keywords & Referring Sites

Analytics is the best way to optimize your content, see the keywords search engines rank you for and recognize valuable links to you from other websites. With the ability to see the keywords people type into search engines to find your website, you can gain valuable information about your audience and the search engines. Adding more content with your desired keywords is a great way to boost your rankings.

Reason #5: Extensive Visitor Data

The fifth and final reason you can’t afford to have a website without Google Analytics is that you will miss out on valuable information about your visitors. Analytics tells you the connection speed, screen resolution, web browser, location, and exit page of all your visitors. With this information you can make a website re-design and site changes with confidence knowing what types of visitors you attract.

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