Logo Simplicity – The Common Trait of All Good Logo Designs

When it comes down to the best logos, they all share one thing in common: logo simplicity. Logo simplicity usually results in a one-color simple design that is easily readable, reproducible and scalable. Learn how to make Creative & Effective Logo Designs if you haven’t already. Here we are going to focus on making simple logo designs that will compete with the best branded companies.

A Logo Simple Enough for Any Size

Will your logo work on a golf ball and on a pencil? Golf balls and pencils both have challenges: they are small, they don’t have smooth services, they are different sizes and there are millions of them. Golf balls are round, pencils are long; Golf balls have dimples; pencils have ridges. Golf balls end up on the same green as other golf balls, and pencils end up in the same pencil holder as others. How would your logo look on a golf ball and a pencil? Would it stand out?

There’s not room for much detail or color. There would certainly be distortion from those bumps and ridges–how forgiving is your logo? Your logo needs to be unique, yet simple enough to make an impression while people are whacking your ball hundreds of yards or writing a paper with your pencil.

A Logo should work as well in Black as it does in Full Color

Gradients and photos are wonderful but when you put them in a logo, you’re asking for disaster. Not only will lots of colors look bad on your golf balls and pencils but they will cost a lot more to make and reproduce.

A Logo with Type and a Symbol

The Nike Swoosh did not become recognized world-wide over night. In fact, Nike used the swoosh symbol with the word NIKE for years before using the swoosh symbol on its own. If you’re designing a new logo or re-designing an existing logo, you should probably include both the mark and the name of the company so that people will begin to associate your mark with your company, organization or product. Overtime, there may be enough recognition to drop part or all of the name.

Remember to make sure your type and symbol have a good size ratio so that they can both be easily seen when the logo is reduced in size to fit on those golf balls and pencils!

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