5 Reasons You Need Responsive WordPress Web Design

Responsive WordPress Web Design

5 Reasons You Need Responsive WordPress Web Design

If you don’t have a responsive WordPress website, now’s the time to act. Mobile usage has continued to grow close to 56% in the past year. Desktop usage is still a big player, but as every year passes, it seems like phones and tablets are becoming the norm.

That begs the question, are you willing to potentially drive away more than 50% of your website visitors?

We’re assuming the answer is no, and luckily, switching to a responsive WordPress web design is quite painless.

Now you might be asking yourself a few questions right now. We’re here to answer the common ones:

Is My WordPress Website Mobile Responsive?

The most effective test is to go through is the Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. Paste in your site’s URL, then wait for Google to tell you if the site is okay.

A mobile friendly test of a responsive wordpress website

What’s the Difference Between a Mobile Site and a Responsive Website?

Both of these terms sound similar, right? You can even throw mobile apps into the mix to make it more confusing.

A responsive wordpress websiteYet, in today’s mobile climate, the best solution is the mobile responsive website (over a mobile site or a mobile app).

Let’s break down the main differences and advantages:

Mobile Responsive Site – This means that your current website dynamically changes the way it appears depending on the device being used. So, you only need one website designed, then it snaps into place and readjusts items like images and paragraphs to make the content look better on smaller devices.

Your mobile responsive website appears perfect on a desktop computer, then the user switches to her phone. Guess what? The logo adjusts, and so does the rest of the website, delivering clear images and bigger fonts. This method is less confusing than a separate mobile site and it’s typically less expensive.

A Mobile Site – Before responsiveness came into the equation, companies were scrambling to keep up with the mobile age. This meant that developers would create a regular website (for desktops and laptops) along with a separate mobile site. When a mobile device is detected, the regular website instantly redirects to the mobile website. It’s not a bad setup, but it requires the site owner to manage two separate sites, it can hurt your SEO, and most designers charge extra for that additional design.

A Mobile App – Mobile apps are most effectively used as an extension of your website. So, it shouldn’t be a complete duplicate of what’s seen on your responsive site. For instance, Chipotle serves up digital coupons on its mobile app. Most airlines have mobile apps for downloading scannable tickets, a feature that’s not available through a regular website.

5 Reasons to Have Responsive WordPress Web Design

Besides the fact that a responsive site is easier to manage than a mobile site, here are some reasons you should seriously consider a change:

1. Rank Better in Search Engines

Rank better in Google with responsive wordpress web design

This is the top reason for switching to a mobile responsive website. Google states that websites with excellent mobile interfaces see improvements in desktop search results. Google also penalizes those with bad mobile experiences.

2. Google Has Moved to Mobile-first Indexing

Mobile-first indexing means that Google wants to deliver search results that make sense for the majority of its users. That means mobile sites take priority of desktop versions. So, if you have a beautiful mobile site that correlates to your desktop site, you shouldn’t have any problems.

However, having a junky mobile site can cause your rankings to go down. In fact, Google states that having no mobile site is better than a poorly designed one, since Google only indexes the desktop version if a mobile option isn’t available.

3. It Provides a Better User Experience

Although we all want to improve our search rankings, the whole point of mobile design is to make customers happy. Google also wants your visitors to be happy. That’s why it now indexes mobile sites first.

When a visitors lands on your website through a mobile device, they need large buttons, large text, and images that are in frame. Otherwise they have to fight through an experience of zooming in and squinting their eyes.

4. Responsive WordPress Web Design Adapts to Different Device Sizes

An example of responsive wordpress web design

Google believes we live in a multi-screen world, where all devices serve purposes for varying functions. Furthermore, the search engine states that smartphones are the backbone of our daily media use. Luckily, a mobile responsive web design caters to all devices, not just desktops or phones. It doesn’t matter the size of the device, since responsiveness takes care of the formatting.

5. Increase Sales and Social Media Engagement

responsive wordpress web design

Because of the better user experience and higher search results, your site is bound to improve sales by embracing the mobile world. Not only that, but social users are known for browsing on mobile devices. A responsive website with social links allows people to jump right from your website to your social media pages.

Now’s the Time to Switch to Mobile

As you can see, having a mobile responsive WordPress web design is extremely important to the success of your business. Not only does a mobile design cater to the future (younger customers) but older folks are shopping, browsing, and reading on mobile devices as well.

If they have to zoom in on their phone or tablet and squint their eyes to see an image, or text block, that’s a prime candidate for leaving your website without converting.

Once again, if you’re confused about mobile responsiveness and would like to check if your site passes the test, go to the Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Page to find out.

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