7 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

7 Signs its Time for a Website Redesign

7 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

If your website is more than 2-3 years old there’s a good chance it’s time for a website redesign. You might be wondering why you would have to get a redesign after only three years, but the fact of the matter is that when your website becomes even the slightest bit outdated, you start leaving money on the table. For instance, if customers see an outdated design, it often triggers a thought that your company lacks the funds or the drive to keep the website updated. Even if you’re a lawyer, retail store owner, church, or massage therapist, many people feel that a website’s presentation is a direct reflection of your quality of service or organization.

In addition, many things change over the years, such as new types of devices and ways for people to shop for their products and services. Therefore, it’s essential to keep up with these technological changes, since you want to always be where your customers are.

So, what are the main reasons to get a website redesign?

1. Your Site Looks Outdated

The look and feel of your website is important because it is your virtual storefront. Similar to how people skip over old or grimy looking retail stores and restaurants, customers get a less than desirable feeling when landing on an older looking website.

So, you should run through a checklist to figure out if your site is, in fact, outdated. Start by asking yourself if you’re embarrassed to show the site to other people. You should be proud and excited to send it to friends, family, and prospective clients. If you ever find yourself saying, “Ignore the design,” or “The site isn’t completely up-to-date,” that’s a good sign that a website redesign is in order.

Another method is to send the website to a few people for their feedback. This could be friends, family, or customers, since those are the regular folks who are looking at your website. Ask them if it looks dated in any way. Make sure you find people who will provide honest feedback, go through the entire website and check off certain elements that don’t look good or work well.

Some elements to keep an eye on include:

  • Bevels
  • Shadows
  • Image sliders
  • Broken links
  • Old copyright dates
  • Small text
  • Clipart graphics
  • A busy or confusing layout

It’s also not a bad idea to look at your competitors’ websites. Your customers are bound to look at those websites as well, so it’s essential to give out a better impression than them.

2. Your Site Is Not Mobile-friendly

Today, mobile-friendliness is a large part of effective web design. The reason for this is because it’s becoming extremely common for people to search for businesses and buy products and services on tablets and smartphones. Heck, the first time mobile usage passed desktop usage was way back in 2016.

mobile usage - time for a website redesign?

If your site isn’t responsive–meaning it snaps into a more pleasant mobile format when mobile devices are detected–users are less likely to stick around. People don’t want to have to zoom in to read text or push a button.

Not only that, Google has made it quite clear that your search engine rankings will be negatively impacted if you lack a mobile-friendly design. The reason for this is because Google wants to provide a beautiful experience for all users. If people go to your site and find it hard to navigate, Google sees this as a problem.

responsive website redesign

3. Your Website is Difficult to Manage

As websites age, they often become tough for business owners to manage. There are several reasons for this, but it mainly has to do with the fact that your site is being run with old technology. For instance, you might have an unsupported WordPress theme or a page builder that hasn’t been updated in awhile. Or, you may find that a new page builder has been released by a different company and it’s far better than what you have.

In addition, lots of older websites don’t have automated updates. So, the business owner is left to make those updates in order to keep the site fast, secure, and working well. Today, you can find web designers who complete updates for you, and automate some updates.

4. Your Site Has Low Conversions

If you’re starting to notice that your traffic, conversions, or sales are down, it’s important to figure out why. The whole point of a website is to increase your sales. If Google sees that the site isn’t responsive or it has several broken links, your SEO may be suffering.

It’s also possible that your calls to action are unclear. Internet users are trained to see certain elements in specific locations, so it’s essential to partner with an experienced website developer to help you out with landing pages, a clean homepage, a useful menu, and more.

5. Your Website is Too Slow

Page abandonment drastically increases the more seconds it takes for your website to load. In this study, a four second page load time had a 25% site abandonment rate. It starts to creep into the 30-40% range when the page load times takes even longer.

6. You Have No Clear Strategy for Your Website

What is your plan for increasing conversions on your site? Are you building an email list? For instance, welcome emails are great for boosting transactions on your website.

Are you trying to increase social media followers and post regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? These types of elements work to bring customers back to your site, so it’s imperative to have a clear strategy on how your website is going to work for your business. This also ties into how easy it is to navigate your website and find things like products, services, and contact information.

7. Are You Due for a Website Redesign?

From a lack of mobile-friendliness to low conversions, you may have several reasons to get a website redesign and make that shift to a beautiful, sales-increasing website.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about redesigning your current website, let us know in the comments section or contact us through this form.

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