5 Ways to Improve your Church Marketing and Reach More People

It has never been easier for churches to reach more people. The old methods of knocking on doors, sending postcards in the mail, or using newspaper advertisements are a thing of the past.

Instead, use your online presence to share your message and reach new people. According to statistics, the Internet sees more than half a million new users each day. Another statistic from the same source shows that social media users grow at the rate of 13 new users every second.

So as you can see, now is the best time to revamp your marketing and put it to good use. In this post, we’ll share 5 ways to improve your church marketing so you can reach more people.

Professional Church Logo Design

Let’s start with the basics. How is your church logo looking? If you’re still using your denominational logo or if a previous office administrator or pastor designed your logo, it might be a good idea to consider a rebrand.

The same applies if your logo was designed by a volunteer over a decade ago or if there are multiple versions of your logo floating around and there’s no consistency on which one is used.

A professional logo rebrand will help you make things consistent. It will also make your church easier to identify and recognize. If you want to see a few examples, take a look at our article featuring 6 effective church logo designs.

Church Web Design & Support

Besides your logo, your church website should also look polished and professional. Take a few minutes to sit down and take a good look at the current state of affairs. When was the last time you re-designed your church website? If it’s been more than 3-4 years, a facelift is in order.

Keep in mind that your website is the front door of your church. People visit it before they decide if they want to come in person. They watch sermons, live stream service, learn about kids and community programs, and more.

Using photos of real people

If they’re having trouble finding or accessing information or if your website is not user-friendly, they won’t ever show up in person. A few tips include:

  • Use photos of real people at your church instead of stock images. Photos can help deliver your message and make it more impactful. Plus, they make it easier to remember information.
  • Use the StoryBrand framework to make sure your messaging resonates with your audience. The main idea is to focus more on the benefits and what your program can do for your audience and communicate it in a clear and compelling way.
  • Your new website can even help increase your online giving since your audience will be able to understand how you help and follow a clear call to action.

Once you’ve redesigned your website with the above tips in mind, make sure you have ongoing support for your website. On-going support is vital when a potential issue arises, when you need assistance or when you want to add a new feature. On-going website support also ensures that your website continually performs and works for you.

We offer website care plans that take care of all the technical, behind-the-scenes tasks and also include between 30-240 support minutes.

Lastly, be sure to avoid these 8 church web design mistakes such as lack of website goals and making important information difficult to find.

Google Ad Grant

A couple of decades ago if you wanted to market your church, you had to rely on door-to-door advertising or print ads and mailers. Today, that’s no longer necessary. One of the best kept secrets for church marketing is Google Ad Grant. With this grant, you can receive up to $10,000/mo for your church in free advertising on Google.

Google Ad Grant

You can use this budget to create ads on the Google Advertising platform which can be a great way to attract more people as well as more donations or volunteers to your church.

This is also a good way to advertise any big church events you have planned for the year to ensure you get the best return on investment. It’s actually difficult to spend $10,000 per month. It takes a fair amount of time to ensure your ads are continually optimized and that you have new ad sets for your big events. We offer Google Ads management for churches who want to be able to focus on their ministry and have an expert manage their digital ads.

However, using Google Ad Grant frees up your budget so you can use it on other areas of marketing or key areas in your church operation.

Utilize Volunteers To Help With Social Media

Your website is the front door to your business but if you want people to come, first you have to meet them where they’re at. Using social media is a good way to reach new members and even find new volunteers.

However, with so many social media platforms out there, staying active on all of them can be pretty time-consuming. Not to mention, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the ever-changing algorithms and trends. But, you can reach out to your members and ask for volunteers to help you out.

For example, at Expectation Church, they schedule a volunteer for each Sunday morning to post stories on the church’s Instagram account. They capture Sunday mornings in real-time. This is a great way to attract more younger people and families.

Life.Church use volunteers to respond to comments on the church’s social accounts and post content.


Remember, you don’t have to do everything alone. Instead, find people who are already using social media regularly and get them involved.

Outsource Graphic Design

When it comes to church marketing, there are a lot of moving pieces. There are all kinds of graphics you need to design to make your message more appealing. This can include things like your sermon graphics, church email newsletter, event promotion graphics, social media posts and more.

If you’re like many churches, you might have an office administrator who’s in charge of getting all those graphics designed for you.

But they might not be a graphic designer who are familiar with the latest tools, design trends and best practices. This can result in graphics that look less than professional, leaving a poor impression of your church on potential members and patrons.

Instead, consider outsourcing your key graphic design elements to a professional designer or design company. This includes materials for Easter or Christmas campaigns, big event promotions, and even things like sermon series graphics.

By doing so, you’ll have more relevant and engaging graphics that will connect with the people you’re trying to reach.

Companies like ours offer design retainers that include a certain number of graphics per month you can use. That way, you don’t have to worry about hiring a graphic designer and pulling funds from your budget to pay them a regular salary.

Plus, you might not even need a full-time designer. So outsourcing is a great and cost-effective way to get professional-looking graphics without going over your budget.

What To Do Next?

Now you know how you can improve your church marketing to reach more people. While these tasks may look daunting, they don’t have to be with the right help. The good news is we can help. Request a quote or contact us to schedule a call to talk over your church’s goals, challenges, and needs so we can find the right solution and approach for your church marketing.

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