6 Secrets of the Best Law Firm Websites

There are a lot of agencies out there that can help you create a law firm website. And they might even do a good job. But often they lock you into long contracts. And even more often, they do a subpar job. 

That’s why before you even think of hiring an agency, you need to know what features the best law firm websites have in common. With these features clear in your mind, you can make more confidence decisions about the design of your law firm website.

So, without further delay, here are 6 secrets the best law firm websites have in common:

1. Have a Page for Each Type of Law You Practice

One of the best strategies, and certainly the most effective, is to create a dedicated page for each kind of law your firm practices. It allows potential clients to find the exact type of law practice they need and helps your website’s search engine optimization performance to improve greatly. 

As a result, you get to target specific keywords linked to the practice area in question. For instance, having two separate pages for family law and criminal law makes it so you can target “family law services” and “criminal defense attorney” separately and increases their presence in the search results.

baker and hostetler

You can see this in action on the Baker & Hostetler website, which has dedicated pages for each area of law they cover, such as Antitrust and Competition. This provides clear and detailed information about their services and supports better indexing and ranking in search results.

2. Highlight Your Expertise and Experience

To earn visitors’ trust, it is necessary to demonstrate your law firm’s professionalism and expertise. One way to achieve this is by emphasizing the qualifications, accolades, and professional histories of your attorneys. 

A tried-and-true method for doing just this is the use of attorney profiles and “About Us” pages. Such pages provide an excellent opportunity to provide a more comprehensive background of your firm. It’s also the best way to connect with a visitor on a human level while also demonstrating your firm’s expertise.

carmel and reyes

For example, the website for Carmel & Reyes provides a comprehensive Who We Are page that details the firm’s ethos and the professional journey of its founder, Carmel Reyes. The page also uses narrative storytelling to illustrate her commitment to justice and her extensive experience. 

fritz and co about page

Similarly, Fritz & Co’s About page does an excellent job of blending professional achievements with personal insights into the lawyers’ backgrounds. This provides proof of their legal proficiency and showcases their personal commitment to their practice areas, too.

3. Have Clear Calls-to-Action 

Effective calls-to-action (CTAs) on a law firm’s website guide potential clients clearly on what to do next. Whether it’s contacting your firm, scheduling a consultation, or downloading a resource, successful CTAs are visible and use simple commands.

Here are a few things good CTAs should have:  

  • CTAs should be prominently displayed and straightforward, using direct language like “Contact Us” or “Schedule a Free Consultation.”
  • Forms should be easy to fill out, requesting only essential information to prevent visitor drop-off.
  • Position CTAs strategically throughout the website, especially on the homepage, at the end of important content, or as sticky elements visible while scrolling.
Donahue themak and miller

The Donohue Themak + Miller website illustrates this well on its contact page. The page features a straightforward form that’s easy to complete beneath a simple headline. There’s no need to make anything more complicated than it needs to be and this page is a great example of that.

4. Have Location Based SEO Pages

Incorporating location-based SEO pages on a law firm website can help to attract clients from specific geographical areas. This practice enhances local search visibility, making it easier for potential clients in your vicinity to discover your services when they search for legal assistance that’s local to them.

These pages allow you to specifically target clients in certain cities or regions.

And given the local keywords used and the local information involved, this strategy allows you to reach a higher ranking in local searches, attracting clients who have a higher probability of conversion because they can physically access your office. 

In fact, location-based pages may even touch upon specific legal issues that are present predominantly in certain areas, which makes for an even more personalized aspect that customers can relate to.

5. Include Testimonials or Reviews

It would also be beneficial to include client testimonials and reviews to build trust and illustrate just how effective your services are. This type of social proof might persuade potential clients to select your services rather than those of your competitors. Plus, reviews aid in improving your visibility since search engines favor content that is updated often and appears engaged with.

fritz and co honors

Displaying awards and recognition, much like Fritz & Co does on their About page, highlights is a great way to emphasize your firm’s accomplishments and credentials. This offers a boost to credibility and reassures potential clients that you’re a professional and successful in the legal field.

6. Have a Blog or Resource Section

Lastly, you can add a blog or resource section to your law firm’s website to improve your online presence even more and build a positive opinion of your firm in your practice areas. 

First of all, a well-maintained blog may help to attract more clients, improve SEO, and help those who are searching for your legal services. Regular blog posts demonstrate extensive knowledge and awareness of the specifics of your practice areas. It also builds understanding and trust among the people who are already interested in a particular topic​. 

Secondly, regular blogging with keywords boosts the likelihood of your firm turning up in search, so potential clients can effortlessly locate it on the internet when looking for legal assistance on a given subject​. 

And third, blogs offer a platform to engage with clients and answer common questions asked about the law. This saves time and effort, as you can merely include links to those posts rather than writing up unique responses each time.

fritz and co newsletter

Fritz & Co comes through yet again with another example of law firm website marketing done right. They have an in-depth newsletter that covers topics related to their practice areas and to the questions their clients ask. 

Take this detailed post about business financial ratios on their website as an example. This kind of content not only aids in SEO but also provides valuable information to potential clients who may be looking for financial insights related to legal proceedings.

Learn From the Best Law Firm Websites and Take Yours to the Next Level

Building an online presence for your law firm can go a long way in enhancing the success of your business. Period. With the secrets highlighted above, you can be sure this is just the beginning of a journey filled with success for your law firm. 

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