7 Steps to Do To Get Your Google Business Profile Reinstated

Imagine your business is going well and then one day you wake up to an email that your Google Business Profile has been suspended! It can be devastating to your business and lead generation and difficult to get reinstated by Google.

Nobody wants to get that dreaded suspension email:

gbp suspension email

Least of all, a business looking to generate leads through their website presence. 

Don’t think you need one? Read this article. Not having a Google Business Profile means missing out on leads. Having a Google Business Profile is vital for your local and regional SEO. It ensures your company shows up in search with your contact info, website, and reviews attached. 

If you get suspended, first thing’s first: don’t panic. Then, follow along through the steps presented here to get your Google Business Profile reinstated after a suspension. 

1. Select the Correct Location

Google can be picky about your location settings for your Google Business Profile (GBP). Especially if you live in an apartment and travel to your customers address to provide your service. It’s important to select the correct location. This ensures your business shows up accurately when potential customers search for it. 

So you know what we’re referring to, here’s an example of a Google Business Profile — this one is for Google’s own headquarters:

gbp example - google headquarters

Here’s how you can set it up properly:

Business Address vs. Service Area

If you have a physical location where clients can visit, you should use this address for your profile.

If your business does not serve customers at a physical location (like mobile services or home services), specify a service area instead of an address. This helps in avoiding any customer confusion about where your services are available or making the mistake of showing up at your home.

Service Area Details

Define your service area by specifying the regions, cities, or counties you serve. This is particularly important for businesses like plumbers, landscapers, paving companies, or home repair services that operate over a certain geographic area. Google allows you to set this up by searching and adding each area you work in​​.

Don’t include too many service areas. Ideally, stick to the main counties or cities relevant to where your business operates. Expanding your service area too broadly – more than what you can realistically manage – might dilute your local search effectiveness​. We recommend 3-5.

One Profile Per Location

If your business operates in multiple physical locations, each one should have its own distinct profile. This approach helps Google deliver accurate and localized results to those searching for services like yours in specific areas​.

Pinpoint Accuracy

When setting your location on Google Maps, ensure the pin is placed precisely where your business is located or where you serve your clients. Accurate pinning on the map helps customers find your business more easily.

2. Make Sure Your Profile Conforms to the Quality Guidelines 

Oftentimes your profile can be compliant and still get mistakenly suspended. I’ve seen this happen several times.

One of the annoying things about Google’s communication related to your GBP is that they usually don’t tell you the exact issue. Rather, they just say you don’t conform to the guidelines. 

google business profile guidelines

Which isn’t very helpful. Then you’re left trying to review them all and figure out what’s wrong on your own. Kind of like a math teacher telling a student on a 100 problem math test, one of their answers is wrong, but not telling them which one. It’s incredibly frustrating! Just look at the sort of vague emails they send:

google business profile vague email

Even so, you would do well to take a step back and reevaluate the guidelines, line-by-line to ensure you’re following them to a T. 

Google’s guidelines for GBP emphasize the importance of accurate and honest representation of your business. This includes using your actual business name as it appears in real life on your storefront, website, and stationery. Any embellishments or unnecessary additions such as marketing taglines, store codes, or promotional content are discouraged and can lead to profile suspension.

3. Avoid These Mistakes

To maintain the effectiveness and integrity of your Google Business Profile, it’s important to steer clear of typical mistakes that may cause confusion or even get you suspended by Google. 

Here are key mistakes to avoid:

  • Do not create more than one profile per location since this can often get you suspended.
  • Do not use an incorrect address. You should never use a fake or incorrect address that is not verifiable. Or someone else’s address. It should also not belong to a park or other public space.
  • Don’t use an address where you (or someone you work with) can’t receive mail.
  • Do not use fake or inaccurate operating hours. They just should be your hours of operation, complete with scheduled holidays. This also ensures customers aren’t calling you for no reason.

4. Provide Documentation When Requesting Reinstatement 

When your Google Business Profile (GBP) is suspended, and you need to request reinstatement, provide Google with clear documentation that verifies the legitimacy of your business. 

Here are examples of good documentation to include in your reinstatement request:

  • IRS Letter with Your EIN: This government-issued document not only confirms the legality of your business but also ties your business name to a recognized tax identification number.
  • Business License: A valid business license issued by your local or state government is a strong piece of evidence that shows you are authorized to operate under the business name and at the location stated.
  • Business Bank Account Statement: A recent bank statement that includes your business’s name and address provides proof of ongoing business operations and financial transactions from the claimed location.

5. Communicate Respectfully with Google Support

When engaging with Google support during the reinstatement process for your Google Business Profile, maintaining a polite and professional tone is a must. 

Here’s how to manage your tone and move toward the results you need more quickly:

  • Understand Their Role: The support representative assigned to your case is not responsible for the suspension of your profile. They are there to assist you within the guidelines set by Google.
  • Follow the Process: The Google support staff must adhere to specific processes and do not have the authority to make exceptions at their discretion.
  • Be Courteous: Expressing frustration towards the support staff is unlikely to expedite your case. Instead, it might lead to delays or less cooperative interaction.
  • Effective Communication: Clearly state your case, provide necessary documentation, and ask reasonable questions. Being concise and respectful can lead to a more productive dialogue and potentially faster resolution.

6.  Stay on Top of Communication with Google 

Always respond promptly and professionally to all communication from Google. This shows you’re engaged and serious about resolving any issues. Also, avoid opening multiple support tickets for the same concern. This just slows down the process. Keeping your inquiries consolidated and well-documented helps streamline things and gets you a resolution faster.

7. If You Get Denied, Appeal

If your initial reinstatement request for your Google Business Profile is denied, don’t be discouraged. Use the Google Appeal tool to submit your appeal.

google appeal tool

When appealing, ensure that you provide ample documentation as mentioned previously, such as your IRS letter, business license, and bank account statement, to strengthen your case. Confirm that your profile adheres to all of Google’s compliance guidelines to avoid further issues.

If your appeal gets denied, you can file an appeal of the appeal using this secret form

appeal of appeal GBP form

But most importantly, you just need to be patient and persistent. No need to bombard them with inquiries. File for your reinstatement, wait, and appeal if necessary. 

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