Secrets of the 5 Best Product Landing Pages

Over the years, we’ve built many product landing pages for our clients. One of the main goals of an optimized product landing page is to increase conversions and make it easy for people to buy.

That’s why highly optimized landing pages are important. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to a page and how many people see the page if it doesn’t convince them to buy.

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While working on our clients’ product landing pages, we’ve noticed there are certain secrets that make product landing pages really effective.

In this post, we’ll show you what 5 of the best product landing pages have in common and how you can improve yours.

1. Photos of Product in Use

One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is that we can’t physically see or touch the product. This makes it difficult to make the purchasing decision because we can’t be sure of what we’re getting. That’s where product photos come into play.

The best product landing pages show products in use. While product cutouts are nice, seeing an actual photo of the product in use is even better. It makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the item and picture how it’s going to look in their home.

You’ll also want to include multiple photos that show the product from different angles. Multiple photos and angles will give potential buyers a good idea of the product and make them more inclined to buy.

Non-Disclosure Apparel features multiple photos of products on models but they also have a section that features customer selfies.

products in use

2. Visually Highlight Differentiators/Features

As a smart business owner, you’re probably aware that your product is not the only one of its kind. That’s why it’s important to highlight what makes your product unique while at the same time talking about its features.

For starters, keep in mind that people don’t read website pages, they skim. Once you know that, adjust your product descriptions accordingly. Long paragraphs are out, short blurbs with photos or icons are in.

You want to make sure visitors know at a quick glance why your product is so great which is why visual cues such as icons, bullet points, and photos work great.

Take a look at how Queen Bee Salon & Spa uses icons and one sentence blurbs to highlight what makes their treatment pads so special. You can easily see at a glance who it’s for and what problems it helps with.

highlight converting pages highlight differentiators

3. Share on Social

Marketing your products is a no-brainer if you want to see an increase in sales. Promoting your products on social media, blogging about them, and notifying your email list are all great ways to spread the word about them.

But you don’t have to do all the marketing yourself. Make it easy for potential buyers to share your products on social media. You can do this by adding sharing buttons to product pages. Buttons to make it easier for people to share a product they are excited about.

Once your visitors and potential buyers see a sharing button, they can easily click to share the product with their network which then results in more traffic to your website as well as exposes your product to new potential buyers.

Non-Disclosure Apparel includes social media icons right below the short product description above the fold, making it convenient and easy for visitors to share their products.

use social sharing buttons to get customers to talk about your product

4. A Product Landing Page Uses Social Proof

According to statistics, 93% of people read online reviews before buying. Moreover, 91% of buyers said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

With that in mind, including social proof on your website is crucial for increasing conversions and creating a landing page that converts.

Social proof is meant to do one thing: show potential buyers that other people are enjoying your product and have had good experiences with it.

Social proof includes showing photos of products being used by your past customers. It can include testimonials and reviews. It can also include video testimonials.

Another way to include social proof on your product landing pages is to include a link to places where your product has been featured, a press release or an announcement. For example, Non-Disclosure Apparel includes

It goes without saying that your optimized product landing pages should include social proof but that doesn’t mean you can’t include it on other pages.

You can and should include social proof on your homepage and you can also create a page on your site dedicated to showcasing reviews and testimonials.

Queen Bee shares customer testimonials in a carousel so you can easily see how satisfied other customers are with their product.

landing page with testimonials

5. Clear Pricing on Product Landing Pages

Another secret of a landing page that converts is clear pricing. If you offer any special offers or discounts, they need to be prominently displayed on your product landing pages.

Similarly, if you have discounts for buying multiple items, make sure that information is clearly labeled.

Doing so can help you sell more of your inventory as well as increase your average cart order value. In the end result, your buyers will be happy because they got an awesome deal and you’ll end up with more revenue in your pocket.

Demystifying singing makes it clear that payment plans are available for their 7-week program.

product landing page example with payment plans

Non-Disclosure Apparel, on the other hand, displays savings for buying multiple products above the fold.

product landing page with highlighted savings

6. Enough Info to Make a Purchase

Product description and name is vital information for buyers but that doesn’t mean they won’t still have questions. In other words, you need to include enough information on your product landing pages that will seal the deal and make them buy the product.

Consider including information such as sizing chart or care instructions if you’re selling clothing or similar products.

Another helpful thing to include is ingredients, regardless of the type of product you’re selling.

Obviously, this information will depend on the type of product you’re selling but it can also include vehicle compatibility check tool, the start date of a course, and more.

To make this information easy to digest and read, consider using bullet points or include an FAQ accordion. This will make it easy for users to make a purchase without searching for additional information.

Drive Audio includes an easy to use drop-down menu to check your vehicle compatibility for their headphones.

product landing page with extra product information

7. Multiple Purchase Buttons

When someone lands on your product landing page, the goal is to get them to click on the buy button and complete the purchase. But oftentimes, one purchase button is not enough, especially if you have a longer landing page.

Make it easy for people to know what to do and include multiple purchase buttons on your product landing page. Multiple purchase buttons also cater to people who are in different stages of the buyer journey.

For example, someone might already be familiar with the product and want to buy immediately. That’s why your product landing page should include a purchase button near the top of the page.

Someone else might be somewhat familiar with the product and wants to make sure it is what they’re looking for. A button in the middle of the landing page is a great way to convince them to make a purchase.

Lastly, someone might need a lot of convincing that your product will meet their needs, especially if this is the first time they’re interacting with your brand. That’s why you should have another buy button at the bottom of your product landing page.

Take cues from this landing page that includes multiple purchase buttons throughout the page.

product landing page with multiple purchase buttons

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