Your Website is the New Front Door of Your Business

Your Website is the New Front Door of Your Business

Having a nice exterior to your business or organization is not enough more. When it comes to increasing traffic at your physical location, website first impressions are everything. Your website is the new front door of your business.

Don’t take my word for it, the following statistics speak for themselves. A recent study indicates that before B2B buyers ever talk to a sales rep, they are already 57 percent of the way to a buying decision based on the information they learn from web searches, peers, online forums or social media.

Another study by Stanford University, shows that 75% of people judge credibility of a website by its design. This means that if your site looks unappealing, people won’t bother contacting you or visiting your physical location.

More and more people are turning to the Internet not only for entertainment and social media but also to research businesses and make purchasing decisions. It’s crucial to regularly evaluate your website to determine if it’s performing. In this article, we will share tips on how to make sure your website represents your business well.

Updated, Engaging and Relevant

When your website is unappealing or outdated, it’s sending the wrong impression. Not only to your visitors but also to the search engines that determine how high your site ranks. An outdated website sends a message that you either don’t care about your business or customers or that you’re not relevant.

By contrast, when your site is engaging, relevant and regularly updated, you’re showing your audience that you care. In addition, Google and other search engines will rank your site higher in search engine results.

When you pair that with the fact that you only have 15 seconds to capture visitors’ attention, it’s easy to see why making sure that your site is kept up, engaging, and easy to navigate.

Keeping your site updated and relevant doesn’t mean it has to be the best looking site in your industry. For example, Craigslist has thrived for years with an ugly website. But now sites like Facebook Marketplace are starting to cut into market share because they are easier to use and more visually appealing.

Website is the new front door of your business, make it mobile responsiveMobile Responsive

Mobile responsiveness is one of the ranking factors that Google uses to determine whether your site is relevant or not. This means that if you want to rank for your keywords in Google and other search engines, writing SEO-optimized content is no longer enough. In other words, your site also needs to be responsive and work well on mobile devices.

Another reason why mobile responsiveness matters is that more and more websites are seeing a majority of their traffic coming from mobile devices, specifically Apple’s iPhones.

Lastly, keep in mind that your social media marketing campaigns often drive traffic to your website and a good portion of social media users use mobile devices.

Content Management System (CMS)

If it’s difficult to make changes to your website, then you probably won’t keep it updated. Websites often become outdate when they require manually working with code, something the majority of website owners have no knowledge in.

However, you can solve this by using a CMS like WordPress. Not only is WordPress constantly adding new features but it’s also easy to use and update your site. WordPress doesn’t require any coding knowledge and gives you the ability to scale your website as your business grows.

Why Does My Business Need a Great Website?

As the front door of your business, your website can help you generate more visitors that have the potential to become visitors, customers and clients. The best part about a great website is that you don’t have to spend as much on paid advertising.

A great website can increase your influence both online and offline and position you as the authority in your industry. It allows you to create a voice for your brand, communicate with your customers and educate them.

Your website is also available 24/7, working for you 365 days per year. This means you can get more traffic to your storefront even if your physical business is closed for the holidays or for the weekend. It does the selling for you so your customers can make a purchase even when you’re not there.

Finally, a great website should either continually enhanced and improved or redesigned every 2-3 years in order to keep up with the technological and design trends and meet your customers where they are.

Next Steps for the Front Door of Your Business

If your website doesn’t represent your business or organization well, we can help you take it to the next level. Whether you want your website to be mobile responsive or you want to improve your conversion rate, we have a wide range of services that will help you get a beautiful and strategic online presence your business. Take a look at our services and get your free quote today.

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