Web Design

Google. Millions of keywords. Billions of web pages. Competition like never before. So, how does Google (and all of the other search engines) select which page gets ranked #1 for a particular keyword, while another webpage gets ranked #10,567? Although, the exact formula for calculating Google's search engine ranking remains a mystery, there are a number of known factors that contribute to a page's ranking and several more that are debatable.  To reach more of your audience, you'll need to build a highly ranked website in Google.

This is part two of an article called, "Before You Sign on the Dotted Line of a Web Design Contract," read part one here. These are more things to ask before you sign your web design contract.


easy on the eyes, effortless on the mind and painless for the mouse pointer. There’s nothing more annoying to visitors than a busy and confusing website. They are unattractive and it leaves visitors with the feeling that even the creators of the website couldn’t decide what was important because they included everything! Let simplicity be your guide when making decisions. The Apple brand and website are great examples of simplicity in design.