What is a brand? What is branding? Is it a name or logo? Is it the company slogan or look of the website? Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that our brand is what we look like or the message we communicate. While those things may influence our brand, it is more than that.

Most web hosts offer free basic statistics for your web traffic. However, if you’re relying on these primitive tools thrown in as a bonus to your hosting, you’re going to miss out on a gold mine of information. Below are the five most compelling reasons you should use Google Analytics to monitor and measure your website traffic.

Web design is an art and a science. Not only are you trying to captivate new visitors but you are also trying to convince search engine robots to rank your website. So, the question is: how do you measure the effectiveness of a website? In this article on Web Design Essentials you’ll learn how to evaluate your website’s effectiveness and how you can improve it.

Photoshop Vidoes are a great way to learn Photoshop quickly and become proficient with all the techniques and tools. Usually produced on a DVD or available online, Photoshop training videos allow you to watch the masters like Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and John Falke teach Photoshop. You'll be able to get inside their heads’ and learn the how's and why's behind Photoshop's amazing power. You can pause and rewind if necessary to master the tricks and techniques while seeing and hearing them in action.

Google. Millions of keywords. Billions of web pages. Competition like never before. So, how does Google (and all of the other search engines) select which page gets ranked #1 for a particular keyword, while another webpage gets ranked #10,567? Although, the exact formula for calculating Google's search engine ranking remains a mystery, there are a number of known factors that contribute to a page's ranking and several more that are debatable.  To reach more of your audience, you'll need to build a highly ranked website in Google.